Who are We ?

Health Fig Group 's legacy 1992 in the creation of Health Fig and in 2017.We are the specialists in premium dried figs, 55/000 metric tons. Notably, our unwavering commitment to refining supply, production, and sales processes has catapulted us to the apex, where we reign as the unrivaled market leader.

Along with retail markets, we also have a significant market share within Bulk markets supplying the majority of producers, packers, and wholesale.

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Dried fig Garden an Factory

Health fig company garden and factory are located in Estahban.

Fars province has the major production of dried figs in Iran and in different cities, most of the production is allocated to Estahban. Most of the activity in the orchards of figs begins in May as the Fruit appears on the tree and culminates in October when the first picking of dried figs started.

Dried figs Packing

Some pictures of different types of packing: 10 kg Cartons (Regular Packing)

About Estahban

The soil and climate in city of Estahban near Shiraz

 center of Fars province are ideal for growing the best figs in

the world. Figs orchards in Estahban cultivated by dry farming and their fruits are naturally sun dried.

After the maturing and drying phases of figs that take place on the tree,

the crop collected and transferred to the factory. The fruit travels

 through two more sorts by sorting machine and workers carefully to

remove blemished and undesirable fruit and also grading, selecting for different purpose.